Artist Statement


I have been a photographer for over four decades. I have found that you can progress toward maturity without ever having to depart from the wonderment of your infancy, the strangeness of your adolescence, or the absolute magic of your adult years. I was weaned as a California West Coast landscape photographer, with influences that include Ansel Adams, Brett Weston, Wynn Bullock, Morley Baer, and Al Weber – all outstanding photographers and great people. Another part of my work has been influenced by great narratives of different cultures and a free-minded interest in a combination of social systems and cultural diversity, plus a strong dose of Ayn Rand objectivism – eclectic influences to say the least.

But out of it comes the work. When I photograph, there are times when I witness and compose that singular and elusive moment when content, time, and light conspire in me to reveal events of the real world, and I attempt to make some significant statement about what I am witnessing and the reasoning behind its existence. This is the analysis. And there are other times when I see pieces of stories, or even a full story line lying dormant- unthreaded parts that go through a process by which the narrative, reason, and meaning become ever more obvious. The digital expansion of photography allows for this synthetic process to become another way that I work. The beauty of all of this is that I work without restriction- with both parts of my psyche at play.

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